a new series coming soon

What’s coming up from Shannon?

Part of The Hellbound Brotherhood

I’m working on a new series, and I’m having so much fun. It’s a sexy, scary suspense trilogy, full of danger and passion, and I’ve named it The Hellbound Brotherhood. Individual titles to follow!

The Trask brothers, Eric, Anton and Mace—bound together by the violence in their past.

Demi, Molly and Cait, three tough and passionate women who dare to love them.

A lingering evil that hides its face and refuses to die.

Shaw’s Crossing, a small town on the edge of a mountain lake, is a tranquil vacation paradise—but things aren’t always what they seem. Because the evil that has shadowed the Trask men’s entire lives is starting to wake up…and people are starting to die…

Excerpt Coming Soon!

Available for pre-order soon!

a new series coming soon