What made you decide to go more paranormal/sci fi with The Obsidian Files?

Is it paranormal/sci fi exactly? The Obsidian Files books are hard to categorize—futuristic? Urban fantasy? One thing is for sure, they’re super-sexy suspense. Things get very weird in the Obsidian Files books, but there are no magical plot elements. My protagonists are genetically enhanced and full of implants and electronic augmentations, but there’s nothing happening that’s outside the realm of the possible (except perhaps for the heroes’ sexual stamina, ahem.)

I got all my ideas from science articles on my newsfeed, and I’m talking about stuff that has been watered down for public consumption and is probably years out of date. God only knows what they’re really cooking up down there in the top secret labs. I’m a closet conspiracy theorist, you see, and fascinated with humankind’s quest to evolve in every sense, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. It all switches me on. Brain candy.

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