In My Skin, The Obsidian Files #3 is in the works!

Hey, all! It’s that time! Have a marvelous holiday, whatever you celebrate, and I wish you lazy vacation days cuddled beneath fluffy blankets, with juicy books to read and a hot cup of something delicious, preferably with some sort of liquor in it! Egg nog will do nicely. Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps? Mulled wine? Hot buttered rum? I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but I won’t get it here in southern Italy!

I’m having a blast with In My Skin, the new Obsidian Files story, featuring Luke (Zade’s lost brother whom you met in My Next Breath) and Dani, his fiery heroine. I’ll post sizzling excerpts for you ASAP! Hopeful pub date, March 2018. I’d cross my fingers, but they’re too busy typing.

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