My Former Life

June 26, 2013 · Leave a Comment

After graduating from Yale University, as an English major, of course, I temped at random corporate offices for years in NYC support my music habit. I sang with several different ensembles that performed medieval and renaissance music, I was the voice of a fabulous Celtic fusion band, I sang church gigs, weddings, funerals, cabaret, country/blues, Christmas carols in shopping malls dressed in a cheesy Dickensian outfit, I was even a strolling madrigal singer at the Renaissance Faire in one of those cleavage-enhancing lace-up bodice thingies. Anything to make the rent. Then came Italy…a grand adventure if there ever was one. Writing’s great, but oh, how I miss the singing. In my perfect world, I would have both. If you’re curious, here’s a cut of me singing with the southern Italian medieval ensemble Calixtinus, some years ago.

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