What about poor Brenner? Is he going to get his own book?

November 28, 2017

Oh good heavens, yes. Brenner was such a surprise to me! I had no idea that he had survived the terrible mess at the end of Right Through Me until seconds before I scribbled it. It was a big gobsmacker. I’m always so pleased when that happens, because it feels like I’m witnessing something, rather than just doggedly gluing toothpicks and tongue dispensers together. Yes, I am planning Brenner’s story, and sooner rather than later, because Brenner’s suffered so much already, and, well … little Callie! She can’t wait too long.

How about Asa? Is he ever going to get his HEA?

November 28, 2017

Oh, yes. Asa is my next victim, after Luke. (rubbing hands together.) As soon as you read In My Skin, you’ll be able to guess who his heroine will be. And I absolutely cannot wait.

Why didn’t we see any of Caro and Noah in My Next Breath?

November 28, 2017

They’re busy on an extended and well-deserved honeymoon—upon which they have many adventures, one of I’m currently writing! It’s a steamy follow-up suspense novella, entitled Don’t Look Now. Because no matter how they try, Noah and Caro just can’t seem to stay out of trouble any more than they can stay out of each other’s arms …