New to Shannon?

If you’ve never read my books before and you’re wondering where to start, let me orient you! Grab yourself a beverage (coffee and dark chocolate fueled my books, but pick your poison!) and curl up someplace where no one will bother you, if such a place exists. I haven’t found that place yet. Take a deep breath… and get ready for a wild ride!

One thing I’ll put right up front and center. Everything I’ve written since my very first novella came out in 2001 is full of red-hot steamy sexy-times, and with the exception of my first three novellas, is also charged with nerve-wracking suspense. I like to jack up the tension.

About the steam level… when I started out, the manuscripts I wrote had a spicy category romance heat level, which at the time, that seemed very naughty to me. Then I got an opportunity to write an erotic novella for an anthology with three well-known authors. I leaped on the chance and wrote “Something Wild” for the anthology All Through the Night. I realized then and there that I love no-holds-barred sensuality.

I never looked back.

So, red-hot sensuality is a given. Non-stop action is a given. Pitched mortal combat with the forces of evil is a given. But within that framework, there are distinct flavors to choose from!

Do you like a paranormal, futuristic, urban fantasy twist?

Try my series, The Obsidian Files! My smoking-hot heroes have been genetically altered in a secret research program designed to turn them into invincible super-soldiers, but somewhat less controllable than their handlers intended. Now they live undercover, hiding their incredible abilities… until passion and danger knock them off the rails. Start with the first in the series: Right Through Me, Noah and Caro’s story. Take a peek, there are more books in this series to savor!

Do you prefer your suspense straight up with blistering hot alpha heroes (my specialty!)?

If you do, try the McCloud & Friends series. The stories are linked because of the characters’ powerful emotional bonds, but they can all be read as stand-alones. Choose from eleven white-hot romantic thrillers in this series, some of which have hit the USA Today and New York Times Bestseller lists. Start with Behind Closed Doors. Each has a succulent excerpt for you to sample here on my site.

If you like small town romance…

Try my stand-alone Return To Me. Simon, a war correspondent, returns to the woman who’s loved him since she was a girl and a hometown seething with deadly secrets. Start with an excerpt. Or try Hot Night, where bad boy locksmith Zan Duncan saves an alluring beauty from a terrible date but gets more than he bargained for when they end up fighting off ruthless art thieves. Try it out here.

Tasting Fear is a trio of interwoven romantic suspense stories with one single overarching plot. Three sisters must solve the mystery of their foster mother’s mysterious legacy with the help of three hot and hunky heroes! Read an excerpt.

If you like short, sexy reads that you can gulp down in a single weekend afternoon…

You might try my novellas. My first two are stand-alones, my last two are linked. Something Wild can be found in All Through The Night, “Touch Me can be found in I Brake For Bad Boys, Meltdown can be found in Bad Boys Next Exit, and my only romantic suspense novella, Anytime, Anywhere,” can be found in Baddest Bad Boys.  The first three novellas have also been put into a single author anthology, entitled All About Men.