Headlong, Book 2 of The Hellbound Brotherhood, on sale today!

I’m delighted to tell you all that the second installment of my new series, The Hellbound Brotherhood, is live, available in your favorite e-reader, and print will follow soon!

Headlong picks up Eric and Demi’s love story seven years after Book 1, Hellion told the story of their first fateful. meeting and its disastrous outcome. Their passion has only grown in the years that have gone by…but so has the danger in Shaw’s Crossing, and the deadly evil they’ve awakened now threatens not just their hearts, but their very lives…

In other news, I am so excited to offer all my readers a free gift! Sign up for my newsletter and claim a free copy of an Obsidian Files novella! Come get your copy!

And be sure to check out the first chapters of Anton’s story, Hellbent, Book 3! I cannot wait to introduce you to the sexy and complicated Trask brothers…try a chapter right here!

I hope you enjoy it!

Shannon McKenna

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