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The Unredeemables

A tight-knit group of ex-Army Rangers who always have each other’s backs.

Dynasties: Tech Tycoons

The Men of Maddox Hill

Meet Drew, Vann and Zack, executives at the cutting-edge, global architecture firm, Maddox Hill, where passion and intrigue abound…

The McCloud Series

Some of my novels are loosely linked by the adventures of the McCloud brothers and their many friends, though each book can be enjoyed independently.

The Hellbound Brotherhood

The Trask brothers, Eric, Anton, Mace and their friend Nate—bound together by the violence in their past.

Demi, Fiona, Elisa and Cait, the tough and passionate women who dare to love them.

A lingering evil that hides its face and refuses to die.

Shaw’s Crossing, a small town on the edge of a mountain lake, is a tranquil vacation paradise—but things aren’t always what they seem. Because the evil that has shadowed the Trask men’s entire lives is starting to wake up…and people are starting to die…

The Obsidian Files

More than human …

Years ago, a group of stray teenagers were swept up into a top-secret experimental research program funded by The Obsidian Group, a shadowy cabal of super-rich global moguls. Brain stimulation, nanotech, gene modification and cybernetic implants were used to mold the runaways into lethal supersoldiers … and expand the boundaries of being human.

Obsidian’s attempts were spectacularly successful—if not quite in the way the researchers had intended. Their captive test subjects rebelled, burned the Midlands Research Facility to the ground, and vanished.

Now, years later, this band of rebels live under deep cover and keep their incredible abilities secret, trusting only those in their own tight-knit group.

But the shadow of the past keeps getting longer. The Obsidian Group hasn’t forgotten them—and they will never give up the chase.

The Obsidian Files are their stories …

Stand Alone Books

Novellas and Collections