The Obsidian Files Collection

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Infinite evil… 

They were the ultimate secret weapon of the Obsidian Group, a shadowy cabal of super-rich investors determined to create a race of lethal supersoldiers. No one noticed when runaway teenagers disappeared from the streets and alleys. No one heard their screams as they endured terrifying experiments. Not all of them survived.

For those who did, Obsidian’s brain enhancements and body modifications proved spectacularly successful—but the captured teens rebelled, burning the Midlands Research Facility to the ground and vanishing.

Now, years later, they live deep under cover. They keep their incredible abilities secret, trusting only each other—knowing that their tormenters will never give up the chase.

The Obsidian Files are their stories…

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Right Through Me

Start reading from Right Through Me, book 1 in the Obsidian Files series.

My Next Breath

Start reading from My Next Breath, book 2 in the Obsidian Files series.

In My Skin

Start reading from In My Skin, book 3 in the Obsidian Files series.

Light Me Up

Start reading from Light Me Up, book 4 in the Obsidian Files series.

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