It’s here! Light Me Up is on sale!

The latest Obsidian Files story is now available! Light Me Up is a follow-up novella featuring Noah and Caro, the hero and heroine of Right Through Methe first Obsidian Files novel. After their harrowing adventures, Noah and Caro are relaxing in Rome on a luxurious and well-earned honeymoon, but true to form, they get into all kinds of trouble—the sexy kind and the deadly kind. Try a tantalizing excerpt right here! Lose yourself in the dangerous, seductive world of the Obsidian Files…

Light Me Up and the other Obsidian Files novels will be going into Kindle Select for three months, so voracious readers who have been asking to see me in Kindle Unlimited will finally get their wish! Enjoy! For those of you who read with Nook, Kobo or iBooks, never fear, I’ll make the books available again on all the other platforms soon enough!

I wish everyone a fabulous holiday season! Maybe you be given juicy, desirable books, and may you even sometimes be left alone to read them!

Merry happy everything!

Shannon McKenna

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