Temporary Cover

Married by Midnight

April 22, 2022

She needs a husband to win her family company. He needs a bride to help him learn the truth. Strangers say “I do” in New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKenna’s latest!

The stranger is everything she needs:

Handsome. Interesting. And ready for marriage…immediately!

Ronnie Moss is in trouble. The heiress needs a last-minute husband to fulfill her family’s marriage mandate—before she turns thirty at midnight! So when sexy stranger Wes Brody volunteers himself, she’s quick to say “I do!” But their glitzy, impromptu Vegas wedding may be too good to be true. Wes has secrets that are tied to his new in-laws. Ronnie never expected happily-ever-after. But what happens once the truth—and a baby!—are thrown into the mix?

How to Marry a Bad Boy

March 1, 2022

He needs a temporary marriage. She needs an investor for her start-up. Let the negotiations begin in this new Dynasties: Tech Tycoons novel by New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKenna.

Step 1: Draw a random name.

Step 2: Propose…

Playboy Marcus Moss is the only sibling who hasn’t fulfilled his grandmother’s decree: marry or lose the family company. So he draws a name from all the single women working on special projects for MossTech: Eve Seaton. A brilliant, beautiful geneticist who can pretend to be his wife while he finds investors for her groundbreaking work. Win-win.

Eve can’t resist Marcus’s promise to launch her start-up—or their sizzling attraction! But will the truth about Marcus’s motives derail their arrangement?

The Marriage Mandate

January 18, 2022

Will her family’s worst enemy make the best fake fiancé? Find out in this new Dynasties: Tech Tycoons novel by New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKenna.

“I have a wild idea…

I just need your help.”

Tech heiress Maddie Moss must marry or lose the family company. So she chooses the last man her controlling grandmother will accept—Jack Daly. Her brother’s ex–business partner is a thief, a traitor and—most importantly—guaranteed to force Gran to relent. But Jack is also impossibly hot. And he’ll only play along on one specific condition, which has Maddie questioning everything she thought she knew about Jack…even before she lands in his bed!

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

Their Marriage Bargain

January 18, 2022

His ex turned temporary wife is his only hope for saving his global dynasty in New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKenna’s new series!

From lovers to enemies to…

husband and wife?

CEO Caleb Moss needs a business arrangement marriage to keep controlling interest of MossTech. Tilda Riley must prevent a hostile takeover of her family company—and protect the daughter Caleb has never met. The only solution is for these oil-and-water exes to join forces.

Until desire turns a marriage on paper into a hotbed of passion. Their child binds the newlyweds together. But a vengeful enemy bent on their mutual destruction is sowing seeds of doubt and betrayal that could tear Tilda and Caleb apart—this time forever.

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

Extreme Danger

June 3, 2013

Nick Ward was one of Connor McCloud’s fellow FBI agents. Now he’s working on an investigation of his own, but Tam Steele and the McClouds always have his back…

Trained assassin…or clueless innocent?

That’s the dilemma facing Nick Ward when he drags the gorgeous, dripping, naked girl out of the swimming pool at midnight on the deserted vacation island. But innocent or not, she’s pure bad luck for Nick. Even if she’s not a merciless honeypot assassin, her presence at this top secret meeting will destroy his long-planned undercover operation, and probably get them both killed. And her luscious beauty just makes it that much worse…

She won’t back down…

Skinny-dipping in a neighbor’s pool is about as naughty as hopeless good girl Becca Cattrall has ever tried to be. But suddenly she’s at the mercy of a grim, dangerous stranger with a foul mouth and smoldering eyes…a man who steals her breath and makes her heart stutter…a man scheduled to meet with a mafiya boss who will never let her live to tell the tale.

Nick impulsively blows his cover to save Becca’s skin, but he can’t keep her hidden forever…and he can’t stay away from her, either. And now, to make matters worse, she wants to save him, too. So when hell comes calling, she’s not running….

Note: This is a slightly revised and reissued edition.

Ultimate Weapon

June 3, 2013

Ever since she was introduced as Mara in Behind Closed Doors, the mysterious and prickly Tamara Steele has been working in the background, slowly gaining the McClouds’ trust. Now it’s time for her to step into the spotlight, for her wildest adventure yet…

A life of lies….

Covert operative Val Janos has spent his whole life in the shadows. He’s as handsome as he is lethal, trained to use sex as a tool and a weapon. Which makes him the perfect operative to hunt down the beautiful-but-deadly Tamara Steele.

Too much to lose…

Tam is wanted for her misdeeds worldwide, sought by law enforcement agencies and criminal syndicates alike, but now she has tiny Rachel to worry about, a toddler she’s rescued from organ traffickers. She keeps up her guard even with the McClouds, the only people she dares to call friends, and she has no time for flirtation, whether Janos is just a gigolo lightweight, or something far more ominous.

But the passion that suddenly ignites at Val’s touch takes her utterly by surprise.

Val, too, is blindsided, and not only by ravenous lust. He feels for her, more than he’s ever felt anything, But Tam’s enemies have Val in a vice grip. Daddy Novak has discovered Val’s weak spot—Imre, the old man who befriended Val when he was a street kid, who taught him what mercy felt like. Imre will suffer horribly if Val fails to deliver Tam into Novak’s grasp.

No matter what Val does now, he’s damned…but these two don’t know how to give up the fight—not even with Death himself…

Note: This is a slightly revised and reissued edition.

Edge of Midnight

April 18, 2013

We’ve met Seth, Connor and Davy already…now it’s wild boy Sean McCloud’s turn to take center stage in the McClouds & Friends series

He tried to forget her…

Sean McCloud tried to put the past behind him, but he’s haunted by that disastrous day, years ago, that he lost his twin brother and was forced to brutally drive away Liv Endicott, the girl he loved, to protect her from a ruthless killer. It almost broke him…but he did what he had to do…and she lived.

Then Sean discovers that Liv is coming home to open a bookstore in their hometown. The news electrifies and terrifies him, and nothing on earth can keep him from going to her.

She can’t help wanting him…

What were the odds? The very day that a stalker arsonist torches her brand new bookstore, Sean McCloud appears, striding through the smoke and rubble like an avenging angel.
It doesn’t help that the bastard is as stunning and charismatic as he ever was. Liv still craves his touch, but she knows better than to trust him, ever again.

But the ruthless killer from their past has finally caught Liv’s scent, after all these years. He won’t stop until she’s dead, and now the only way for Sean and Liv to survive is to join forces and somehow trust each other, to uncover the shocking truth before it’s too late…

Note: This is a slightly revised and reissued edition.