Strange Days and Good Books

Hey, all. Hope you’re doing well in these strange and dangerous times. Italy has been ravaged by this virus, and fear is all around, but I am grateful to be holed up in my apartment with my family with books to read and books to write. I’m lucky.

We need stories to take our mind off our worries, and money’s tight for a lot of us, so I am making my first and third book in The Obsidian Files Series – Right Through Me and In My Skin$.99¢ for the rest of April. Give them a try at this awesome price.

I’m also putting out a box set of all four books. Another option, if you want to try them all!

I’d originally planned to put out Hellbent, the third book in The Hellbent Brotherhood, in June, but I might do it sooner. So look for news on that, and my thanks to all of you who have preordered it already!

I’m hard at work on Heedless now, Nate and Elisa’s story. It helps to have another place in your head to flee to. But you all know that already. We have that in common. Books as a refuge.

Stay well, my friends, and happy reading.

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